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When you need an address or phone number for a business in American Samoa, the Green Pages are the fast and efficient way to find it. Calls to directory assistance are expensive but there are few alternatives for business listings in American Samoa. The Samoa Business Directory was an idea whose time had come.

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If you own a business in American Samoa, you should be advertising in the Green Pages. It's economical, efficient and environmentally friendly. For rates and information, contact info@samoabusinessdirectory.com or click here.


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When was the last time you got something worthwhile for FREE? Now you can! South Seas Broadcasting has launched the new American Samoa Business Directory and every legitimate business in American Samoa qualifies for a FREE basic listing. It’s like a phone book on steroids. And it’s our way of helping stimulate the local economy and helping you attract more customers.

  • Basic listings include name, address and phone number. FREE for all qualified businesses!
  • Standard listings include additional contact information and a 5-line description of your business. Available for only $10 per month (or $99 per year). If you have a website, we’ll also provide a link at no additional charge.
  • Deluxe listings include a banner ad above the standard listing. Available for only $29 per month (or $199 per year).
  • Premium listings include all of the above, plus photos and a mini-page devoted exclusively to your business for only $49 per month (or $299 per year). Click here to see a sample mini-page.
  • Website building services: If you need something more extensive, ask about our web design services. We can build a website for your business for as low as $249 (not including domain name registration and monthly hosting fees). Click here to see a sample.

Our Radio and TV Promotions of the American Samoa Business Directory Benefit Your FREE Business Listing!

93KHJ, V103 and Island Television will provide extensive promotion of the American Samoa Business Directory. The promotion will encourage customers to visit the online directory when they need a lawyer, a plumber, clothing, food, or any other product or service. Phone books are typically out-of-date by the time they're printed, but online listings can be modified at any time and thereby kept current and relevant.

For rates and information, contact info@samoabusinessdirectory.com.

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