LBJ Hospital Info

Lyndon B. Johnson Tropical Medical Center (LBJ)
LBJ Hospital, Faga’alu
Phone (684) 633-1222

The American Samoa Medical Center, doing business as
the LBJ Tropical Medical Center, together with the Hospital Board,
approved a $5 reduction of clinic fees
which became effective as of April 1st, 2014.
 ER Clinic - $25 OBGYN Clinic - $15
 Primary Care - $15  Opthalmology Clinic - $15
 Medical Clinic - $15  Surgical Clinic - $15
 Pediatric Clinic - $15  ENT Clinic - $15
 Dental Clinic - $15  
 All these outpatient clinics open daily until 16:00 (4:00PM)
except the ER clinic which is open 24/7
LBJ has financial assistance for patients with limited resources available. To apply, bring a copy of your current pay stub, W2 or a copy of last year's tax return to the Collections Office at LBJ.
(terms and conditions apply)
The Daily Pediatric Outpatient (Child Program) Ceiling of
$20 per patient remains unchanged.
(covers for additional services such as X-Ray, Lab, as well as Medication)
Prenatal Program for expected mothers waives the hospital fees for the delivery and post delivery stay, as long as the conditions of participation are satisfied.
Importantly, in a medical emergency, patients will always be treated and stabilized before there is any discussion of financial responsibility.

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